RightHill Ventures


We Invest in University Discoveries

Some of the greatest companies are born out of the game-changing research of university labs like those at Brown and URI. But the journey from lab to startup is arduous.

Established by the Slater Technology Fund, a regional seed investor with deep roots in the Brown ecosystem, RightHill Ventures is purpose-built to launch companies with Brown’s most promising research-driven opportunities and founders, and to lead the seed with our capital.

Built with a core of university-based groups and entrepreneurs, RightHill Ventures recruits key players from the national pool of industry and entrepreneurial talent – individuals from the broadest community – to prove our potential, build teams, and help us fuel them through early milestones.

We believe that the power of university research, coupled with RightHill’s tight focus and the strength of the larger community will result in bold launches, powered by individualized investment syndicates.

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