Tackling the Problems That Matter

Turning university research into high growth companies

Tackling the Problems That Matter

Finding the best market fit for innovations

Tackling the Problems That Matter

Connecting founders and opportunities out of the gate

Tackling the Problems That Matter

Leading the seed through the critical early milestones

    RightHill Ventures at Innovation@Brown Showcase

    Working with Innovators

    RightHill Ventures provides venture capital and other support to early-stage technology companies commercializing some of the most promising R&D from university ecosystems. We work in partnership with Brown, the University of Rhode Island, and other higher education institutions and their alumni to identify the innovators tackling some of the world's most challenging problems.

    Building Breakthrough Companies

    We are proud to deliver private funding for incredible early-stage technology companies.

    Developing A New Investor Ecosystem

    We bring accredited investors face to face with fearless entrepreneurs and build investment syndicates to fuel their growth. Learn more about how you can get involved in this ecosystem of innovators, investors, and mentors.

    RightHill Ventures commits $1.5M to MindImmune Therapeutics

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    Leveraging Our Network of Partners

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