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Slater Technology Fund Head Launches New, University-Focused Venture Fund

“Rhode Island’s rich university landscape offers fertile ground for innovative, public interest-focused research. But translating those ideas into reality requires money, and that can sometimes be hard for early-stage startups to secure. Enter RightHill Ventures, a newly launched investment fund aimed at helping university-driven ventures secure initial and later-stage funding to grow their business ideas….


Find Those Funds

RightHill Ventures founder Thorne Sparkman will join other expert panelists to provide valuable tips and insights on how to get early-stage funding at the “Find Those Funds” workshop, hosted by RI Business Competition. This event is free and open to the public but pre-registration is encouraged.


RightHill Ventures Launches to Accelerate the Journey from Research to Startup for University Innovations

PROVIDENCE, RI – February 22, 2022 – RightHill Ventures, a new fund dedicated to providing seed-stage capital and other startup support, has launched specifically to target university research-driven ventures and founders, building from a beachhead at Brown University.


Q & A with RightHill Ventures Founder Thorne Sparkman

Thorne Sparkman, the founder of RightHill Ventures, is the managing director of the Slater Technology Fund, an evergreen, not-for-profit seed fund dedicated to supporting new venture development in Rhode Island. Here he shares his reasons for starting a new private investment fund.

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