State of Innovation: R.I.’s ecosystem for entrepreneurs shows resilience

For the developers of Pointz, a navigation app geared toward safer routes for cyclists, Rhode Island offered a wealth of mentoring and networking opportunities, with accelerators, pitch contests and Brown University’s entrepreneurship center helping the startup on the path to an official launch earlier this year. It was finding capital that they thought was going […]

An R.I. Investor Targeting University-Based, Research-Driven Ventures

“Thorne Sparkman, the managing director of Slater Technology Fund, was already in tune with the entrepreneurial talent in Rhode Island. Slater Technology, the state’s oldest and said to be the most active seed-stage investment fund, provides capital to early-stage technology startups that can demonstrate high-growth potential. But this year, Sparkman founded RightHill Ventures, backed by […]

New Seed-Stage Capital Fund Launches for RI Universities

“As a managing director at the Slater Technology Fund, one of Rhode Island’s oldest seed-stage investment funds, Thorne Sparkman knows that the state’s universities are a hotbed of innovation and burgeoning technology. To target and support university research-driven ventures and founders, Sparkman was recently tapped to help lead Slater’s new RightHill Ventures fund.” Read the […]

Slater Technology Fund Head Launches New, University-Focused Venture Fund

“Rhode Island’s rich university landscape offers fertile ground for innovative, public interest-focused research. But translating those ideas into reality requires money, and that can sometimes be hard for early-stage startups to secure. Enter RightHill Ventures, a newly launched investment fund aimed at helping university-driven ventures secure initial and later-stage funding to grow their business ideas. […]